Monday, May 2, 2011

Musings: My Babies Are Back!

I'm so happily excited! My Baltimore Oriole babies are back!  I dutifully hung their feeder filled with grape jelly and nectar, early yesterday afternoon in eager anticipation of their arrival.  I have learned to mimic their call well enough that they often answer in reply, but try as I might, I could hear no lovely Oriole songs.

The day turned rapidly into evening, and I gathered my journal and a few supplies to work outside on the deck.  I was deep into creative mode, when suddenly, I heard it - the beautiful sound of the Orioles calling back and forth to each other near the river!

It's amazing to me that they arrive on May 1st each year, and not a day sooner!  I didn't see any last night, but this morning, I've watched about half a dozen beautiful males come to the feeder.

Meet "Red".  He is the first Oriole that I saw at the feeder this morning.  He is so named due to his bright, red orange breast.  I have never seen an Oriole with so much red in his breast!  He slowly approached the feeder as I stood at the screen door waiting to get some pics.

He moved in, slightly closer, until he was certain I was coming no further.  Once his safety was established, he came to the feeder and hungrily devoured some grape jelly.

I managed to capture a picture of him with one of his family members.  You can see how much more yellow his friend is, and that is the color that I'm accustomed to seeing in the males.  I haven't seen any females yet, and as I see the males carry off beakfulls of jelly, I can only assume that they are tending to the nests.

So, my babies are back, right on schedule, and all is well with the world.   As I sit at the dining room table with my laptop, I can hear their song as they come to feed.

On the art journaling front, I leave you with a video I created and uploaded to YouTube last week.  Some of you may have seen it already.  Enjoy your day and remember to take time to enjoy the spring blossoms, the sunny skies, and the new arrivals in your backyard.  And as always, remember to "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"


  1. Oh those little birds are so gorgeous! I love their vibrant colour!
    Thanks for the great video


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