Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Moleskin

I had some spare time yesterday morning before our children came over to spend Mother's Day with me, so I did a little raking in my garden area and happily found time to play with my new supplies.  At long last, the weather allows for bringing my supplies to the deck where I can journal among the birds and flowers.

I haven't used inks in years, so I was eager to see how my new acrylic inks would look in my moleskin.  The first thing I did was apply one drop of each color and spread it around with my fingertip.  I was surprised at how far just one little drop of the ink will spread.

On the next page, I blocked in areas of white artist acrylic, blue craft acrylic, black artist acrylic and black india ink.  I couldn't wait to see how my new quill pen would write on these surfaces.

The first thing I did with my quill pen was to block in an area of plain, moleskin paper.  I wanted to practice using my quill pen in that area.

Here's my completed spread.  The red, yellow, blue, and of course, white acrylic inks all show up nicely on the black india ink.  The pen also writes smoothly over the craft acrylic.  I practiced using my quill pen to get just the right pressure, and I experimented with the flow of the ink and how much I could write without adding more ink to the pen.  I discovered that one drop of acrylic ink dropped directly into the nib works out really nicely.  The acrylic inks also blend nicely together so I'm able to get a nice orange, purple and green.

I really like the feel of my moleskin.  It begs for intimacy, small sketches and fleeting thoughts.  I think I'm going to enjoy using it during these warmer months when "feeding the well" can be more important than creating spreads.  I'm looking forward to using this new journal!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day - I certainly did.  We had a great time chatting and enjoyed our food from Scooter's and the awesome chocolate chip cake that Heather made for us. Yummy!

I hope you're enjoying some of the beautiful, sunny weather that we're finally experiencing, and as always, I hope you "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"


Now that the nice weather is back, I'll be taking scads of photos again.  I thought I would add this daily "Photo of the Day" feature.  I hope you enjoy seeing bits and pieces of where I live here on the southern shores of Lake Erie, and the Northcoast of Ohio.

Eastern Garder Snake

I discovered this little guy sunbathing near some planters I have stacked behind the garage.  I don't think either of us were too excited to see each other, but we had an interesting visit anyway!

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  1. inspiring post Angelia. Love the bright colours of the inks on your page and the sentiment is lovely. I wouldn't have been to excited to run across a snake in my yard either. Hope it slithered away quietly.
    Have a great day


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