Thursday, May 19, 2011


I completed another spread in my moleskin.  This time, I decided I wanted to begin with collage, so I flipped through my picture file and these patterns caught my attention.  I put them on the pages with what else - Mod Podge.

I didn't really know where I wanted to go with it, but I through it would be fun to try my newly learned scribbling techniques.  I wanted to see if I could duplicate the gray background.

I began on the left page using red scribbles.  I also wanted to duplicate one of the "light bulb" shapes from the collaged paper and I wanted to leave a space white for writing something.

I used different colors to build up the gray tone.  After using red, I went to cloud blue

I continued adding layers of colors, all the while thinking about what the light bulb reminded me of.  As I added each layer, I began thinking about the light bulb as a representation of an idea, and I thought about each little scribble as an idea that crosses my mind during any given day.

I added a third layer of a dark, cool gray

And then I added a fourth layer of olive green.

I finished the light bulb shape and I wrote this quote by Anais Nin: "My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living."  How true is that?  I thought about all the different places I'm in when ideas come to me.  Rarely do they come when I'm at the desk in front of my materials.

I completed the right side of the page with a quote from Picasso: "You have to have an idea of what you're going to do, but it should be a vague idea."  That just about sums up the way that I approach my own art endeavors.  I'm happy to discover that I have something in common with one of the artists who influenced me early in my art career!

Here's my finished spread.  I didn't quite capture the gray in the collage paper, but it works for me.  I thought about the light bulb shape on the left and how it represents the way we have millions of ideas everyday and how we come to isolate one and try to bring it to it's full potential.  I hope that in the midst of your day, you isolate one of your great ideas and bring it to life as you "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"


"Horsing Around"

If my the horse seems a little stiff, it's because he's in the wax museum at Niagra  Falls in Canada.  Keith took this  photo when were on a holiday in 2007.  I had way more fun than the horse! 

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  1. Ang, I LOVE these pages!!!! Love the scribbling technique. What a workshop that must have been.



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