Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday with Mother Nature

Mother Nature waits for no one, and with that said, the growing season at my house came to a close today.  The forecast for the remainder of the week is crappy, crappy, and crappy followed by more crappy, so I took heed began winterizing my garden and window boxes for winter.

Creativity abounds even in the most mundane of tasks.  The simple arrangement of the final vegetables caught my eye; what a pleasing color palette. And there were other things to spark my imagination.

I began by harvesting the remaining vegetables, and I found a couple surprises to further spark my creative imagination.

This undeveloped bell pepper looks like a boxing glove to me - what do you think?

The pieces of what once was a nice trellis lay scattered across the table like so many pick-up sticks.

I found beauty in the tangled remains of my pole beans as I pulled them from the garden box and piled them on the deck.

The addition of the pepper plants, impatiens and trailing vines turned the tangled pile into a giant mound of beautiful potpourri.   It was almost too pretty to toss into the wheelbarrow, but I finally had to succumb to the task.

As I turned my attention back to the garden box, this little lady bug caught my attention. (Not really a lady bug - so says our local weatherman, Dick Goddard)  I felt bad about disrupting it's home, but it didn't seem to mind at all.  It made me think about how we need to take things more in stride and stop making change out to be such a drama.

Anyway, that was my creativity for the day.  Tomorrow, I'll be back indoors.  It will be a great week for hunkering down with hot mugs of coffee and art supplies - Dick pretty much guarantees it.  No matter what the weather, I'm sure it will be a week where I find time to "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!" - and I hope you do, too!


This is what I love about autumn - dramatic purple skies and northern winds pushing clouds rapidly overhead, and the sun set low on the horizon casting dark shadows and setting the trees ablaze with color.

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  1. Amazing picture of autumn trees, and I love the curly pod and boxing glove!!! Great inspiring shapes.:O)


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