Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Journal

Gathering Loose Ends

I've been spending some time gathering loose ends.  When I finish a journal I always decorate the cover, and my last finished journal has been laying around with nothing but a gessoed cover.  I finally applied a colored pencil drawing and some acrylic paint to the cover, and now it is ready to add to my growing stack of journals.

You may remember the gardening journal that I began at the beginning of the growing season.  Well, I've added quite a lot to it since I last shared it with you. I have to admit that I've also been procrastinating.  I still have multiple pictures to print out for my pages, but I should be finishing in another couple of weeks.  I still have my last peppers and green beans to pick, so that means more photos, too.  Here are some of the pages - most still incomplete.

Prepping Pages

I feel like the squirrels I see, running around gathering nuts preparing for the colder days ahead.  I've been prepping lots of pages with backgrounds in anticipation of major art journaling endeavors.  Here are some of the pages I've prepped in my current journal.  Some of them are gessoed, and most have multiple layers of artist acrylics.

Even a single color applied over gesso offers lots of possibilities!

Another New Journal

I've had a book called, "Creative Wildfire", by L.K. Ludwig for quite some time.  This book included a recycled blank journal, and for all this time I refused to use it for reasons unknown to even me.  Well, I finally pulled it out and have begun prepping pages in it, too.    I used some of the imagery that was already on the cover, and added gesso and a photocopy of a bird that I drew.

You can see I've used some of the same paint in both journals.  I've also added some Mod Podged images and papers into this journal.

So that's what I've been up to - what have you been doing in your artistic endeavors?  I have to say I'm feeling quite defiant as the days for warm summer walks along the beach, and cool summer nights gazing at the stars are behind me. I know, too, that these beautiful, dramatic, autumn days will soon make way for a long winter and far too much snow.  I say, "Bring it on, winter!"  I'm prepped and ready to go for artistic expression as I "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"


"Harvest Moon" Photo:  Keith Thompson
I've been obsessed with watching the moon the last few weeks; maybe because it remained hidden beneath clouds and rain for so long.  We didn't get to see the full moon, but here it is the night before.


  1. hi! nice to meet you!
    amazing journals!!!!

  2. so many lovely pages Angelia, you are going to be ready to go now with so many backgrounds already done. Love your journal covers.
    The moon... shh such lovely energy when it is full


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