Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend Journal


I finished my mandala book, just this morning!  I feel such a sense of accomplishment, and I can't wait to fill the pages with colorful mandalas.  I followed the directions in the video, but I used polyurethane to seal my covers, and I used cotton cord for the binding. (They didn't have waxed linen at my local craft store).  I'm quite pleased with my first attempt.  I did have to remove 3 pages because my hole drilling techniques are, shall we say, not quite up to par!  The universe even unexpectedly gifted me with some bells for the binding!  As I've said, you've gotta love synchronicity!


I can't believe it's Saturday already!  There was lots of journaling activity this week, but more importantly, I took some time to enjoy the nice weather and soak up Mother Nature to "feed the well".  There were so many inspiring things to see and appreciate.

My dear friend (and adopted Mom), Tina, gave me these gorgeous eggplant from her garden.  I'm afraid the photo doesn't do justice to just how beautifully colored they are.  I can see some pages inspired directly from these colors, and as a bonus, I will be trying eggplant for the first time.  That's right - I've never had eggplant before!

I also took some time to linger among the remains of the flowers on my deck.  I know I will procrastinate until the last possible day to finish the chore of winterizing and making way for entirely too much snow shoveling.  In the meantime, I enjoyed a perfect dahlia blossom glistening in the sunlight.

I had the opportunity to finally welcome a dear, little angel to the planet.  Her name is Zoey, and I have her pegged as a future musician.  All the signs are there; long slender fingers, a dad who plays guitar, and she was happy as a clam as she and I danced to music.  


Hubby and I headed down to the beach for sunset last night.  It's funny how life changes.  Last year there were very few days that I didn't make my pilgrimage to be next to the water, but this year, I haven't made my way there more than a dozen times.  We found this beautiful piece of driftwood to sit on and take in the sunset.  I see a little hand - do you?

Sunset was spectacular last night, and I'm so glad that we took the time to just hang out and enjoy the calm lapping of Lake Erie along the shore, and the gentle breeze coming in from the north.

I hope you've had a wonderful week, and I hope you're enjoying the things that you like to do this weekend.   Remember to take time out to enjoy life and nature as you "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"


  1. What beautiful pictures. They started my morning with a sense of calm and beauty. Your mandala book looks wonderful also. Can't wait to see you fill them in.

  2. Angelia;
    You have been so busy! I LOVE the way your Mandala book has turned out, it is so yummy! So who is this precious little Zoey? Is this your grand daughter?
    I wondered how often you got to the beach.. you hadn't spoken about it much this year. I am glad you and hubby made time to take in that gorgeous sunset!
    Hugs and many blessings Dear Friend.

  3. Hi Angelina! I'm glad I found my way back to your vivid, creative, inspiring, soul-stirring blogs!..and I'm especially glad I found this post - of course the mandala theme got my attention :) the mandala journal is incredible! I love it and I can see the love you put into it. And, I like your Mandala Monday project too. (I'll resume my "mandala medicine" sometime soon - thanks for being such an inspiration!)
    ALL the photos are gorgeous and a celebration of Mother Nature, especially the sunset and the marigold :) Speaking of celebration, congratulations on welcoming Zoey the the planet (so you have a daughter now too? .. I have one - adult now though).
    You are one amazing, inspiring, beautiful, passionate creative soul and I thank you shining your Light into the world. Joyous blessings always, Cheryl


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