Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Tips and Techniques: Journal Everyday Life

We sometimes spend so much time looking for things to journal about that we often forget to journal our daily lives. Even the most seemingly boring day has elements worth remembering.  

I had such a day, today.  I spent most of the morning sitting and waiting quietly while family members had various procedures performed.  It gave me time for quiet contemplation and observation.  I noted the art deco elements in the decor of one office, and even snagged a couple napkins unused by their recipient.  I admired the  brightly colored, upholstered booth seats in the restaurant where I had lunch with hubby, and committed (somewhat poorly) elements of the design to memory.  I even got a small memento there by way of survey ticket.

I painted the background of my pages with elements that I remembered from my day.  I even glued a strip of one of my autumn napkins to the page.  I'll add more elements and write about the day's activities later.  

No matter how boring or mundane of a day you think you're having, there are always a few snippets of your  life just waiting to be incorporated into your journal pages.  Take a fresh look at your daily activities and see the wonderful things that you're looking past as you "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"

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  1. Hi Angelia you are so right, I have been gathering goodies & not taking time to use them. My 2 hour wait at Dr's office went much faster when I had my sketchbook with me. Was surprised when I saw how much time had passed. Now have to use some of that good stuff I have collected. Thanks for sharing all your journal pages.


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