Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Tips and Techniques: Using Prompts

I can't believe we're into November already!  Here in the northern hemisphere we're getting ready to buckle down for winter.  Some of our friends on the east coast of the USA have already been hit with winter and are finding themselves digging out from a freak snowstorm.  Today it's sunny and warm here, but I know our first snow is right around the corner.  This time of year is perfect art journaling.   Here are some tips for using prompts to help spark your creative muse.

November Journaling Prompts. (Click on image to enlarge)

There are many different ways to use prompts in your art journaling.  You can create a page using the prompt literally, or you can create a page sparked by another idea or image that comes to mind from the prompt.  Here are some examples for the November Journaling Prompt, "These boots are made for walking" :

  1. Maybe you read this prompt and it reminds you of the long walk you took in the woods this past weekend.  Your page might be about the beautiful leaves you collected or how it felt walking hand in hand with your special someone.
  2. Maybe you have a cat named Boots.  Your page might be about Boots walking all over your journaling supplies.
  3. Maybe you just bought a fabulous pair of new winter boots.  You might be prompted to journal a page about trudging through the snow.
  4. Maybe you remember someone that dressed up like Nancy Sinatra for a costume party.  Your page might have a 70s flare.
You get the picture!  Have fun with these journaling prompts.  Some of them might not spark any kind of creativity with your muse.  Skip them.  And don't worry about going in order.  Whatever you're doing, have fun as you "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"


A barren maple tree glows in the light of a sparkling sunrise from November 2010


  1. I really enjoy reading your weekly tips Angelia. They always make me want to get the art journal out. Thanks. Fantastic photo too.

  2. I enjoyed this post - thank you - great prompt ideas.....we always need those!
    Thanks for entering my contest today!
    Love, Violette


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