Monday, August 16, 2010

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine n informal A state of elation or great happiness

That would be ME today!  The morning started with a wonderful walk along the shoreline.  A crisp, cool onshore breeze was welcome relief after weeks of extremely hot & humid weather. The gulls and turkey buzzards happily shared the air space, playfully gliding on the currents as if they were in a giant amusement park.  Para sailors and surf boarders enjoyed the waves, and the usual "regulars", also walking their way to better health, had an extra spring in their step without the oppressive heat and humidity to which we'd grown accustomed.

I'm also still on Cloud Nine over the commission I'm working on.  My clients (and friends!) were absolutely thrilled with my concept for the 3 pieces of artwork they hired me to create for their new home that's being built.  There's always a certain amount of anxiety that goes into the proposal stage.  I, of course, thought my idea was brilliant, and fortunately, so did they!  I was given carte blanche for the project and after weeks of thought, I decided I would take a fresh approach to the Three Wise Monkeys.  My first step in taking a fresh look at the subject was not to use monkeys at all.  Here are my preliminary drawings.

"Speak No Evil"

"See No Evil"

"Hear No Evil"

I can't wait to get started on these paintings!  They will each be 3' x 4' and I plan to have them completed by November 1st.

I'm also on Cloud Nine because e-Artella Magazine used one of my blog posts as an article in their August e-zine.  They did a great job with it and I will try to post some pics of that spread later in the week.

Adding to the Cloud Nine effect are the two books that came in the mail. The first book, "Creative Wildfire", by L.K. Ludwig,  came in the mail last week.  I won this awesome book in a giveaway at another wonderful art blog, Kelly's Art Journaling.  The second book, "The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman" by Britt Santowski, arrived in the mail today.  Britt, a wonderful woman and author I met on twitter,  sent me a copy of her book as a "thank you" for responding to her questions about her title. 

I'm going to continue Cloud Nine as I head to the deck in my bare feet with a yogurt, mug-o-coffee and 2 books in hand.  Taking time to relax outdoors with a good book or two is a definite pathway to new ideas and sparking the "Happy Creating!" in YOU!

And don't forget about the SUMMER party.  You still have plenty of time to enter and win the *ARTtastic Giveaway!

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