Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Summer Day!

What? You haven't heard about the 2010 Summer Party here on Angelia's Art Journals?  Well, read all about it here and get your summer journal pages posted to your blog and post a link to each one in the comment section of this post.  Then, I'll permanently post them here!  Don't forget to grab this official summer party logo for your blog and link it back to http://www.angeliasartjournals.blogspot.com/.

I started my SUMMER party with my artist girlfriend, Ro, celebrating the last year of her 5th decade here on planet earth!  After presents, I treated Ro to lunch at one of our favorite spots, Scooter's Dawg House. It's a great place with amazing food and a fun, friendly atmosphere.  Hot dogs and fresh cut fries are Scooter's specialty but Ro and I both opted for more calorie friendly chicken so we could splurge on Hot Fudge Brownie Delights afterward!

After lunch, we headed down the road a couple miles to the beach at Headland's State Park and found a nice bench in the shade whee we lazily relaxed in the heat of the early afternoon.  We watched couples stroll by hand in hand,  and we played in the sand with our feet. We fought the ice cream induced sugar coma that tried to overtake us as we sat mesmerized by Lake Erie and the cool breeze.

(Photos Above: Clockwise from top, Ro looking coyly over her shoulder, The outside of Scooter's Dawg House, The entry way of Scooter's, lined with license plates from across the country, Scooter himself - always all smiles and a warm heart! Below: scenes from Headland's Beach)

Later, we sat on my deck and en- joyed   the bees and butter-flies as they played among my flowers, sipped coffee under hazy, blue skies, and reminisced about crazy, fun-filled antics of the past.  Yesterday was definitely a lazy, hazy, crazy day of summer and one that helped fill the well that will eventually overflow into my journal and "Happy Creating!"

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