Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ya Gotta PLAY!

Today it's all about play!  Well, maybe just a tad of work, but mostly I'm gonna play!  I'm going to do some things I haven't done in a L O N G while. 1.  I'm going to the fabric store.  2.  I'm going to the bookstore.  Those are two of my favorite activities and I haven't done either in months. 

Play is good for the spirit and the mind.  Play erases fatigue, refreshes one's outlook, and trumps melancholia hands down! 

So take a break from your routine to enjoy some of the pleasurable activities that you haven't indulged in recently.  You'll revive your inner child and find your "Happy Creating!"

"Let Your Art Shine All Over The World"

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  1. I'm loving the loose, fun, and inspiring doodles on this layout!

  2. Your colors are so bright & happy. I love you seeing what you come up with next.


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