Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photo Journaling

As I look through the photos I've taken over the last month, it occurs to me that I'm becoming somewhat of a photo journalist, and the saying, "a photo's worth a thousand words", immediately comes to mind.   When I look at the spectacular sky photos I captured this past week, I am able to recall the feelings of awe and of my own insignificance in this vast universe as I gazed into the breath taking beauty of nature's creation.

It's been so rewarding to slow down and get "up close and personal" with nature.  Keith and I have been looking to upgrade our camera, so I borrowed our son, Mike's, Sony Cyber Shot.  I've been experiencing my SUMMER world with new eyes through the use of  "macro" function. It's amazing to experience the world in this "super realism"!

I hadn't realized (or remembered) just how textural and industrial looking a grasshopper is!  And did I mention creepy?  One is fascinating,  two are OK, but three or more together becomes a little shop of horrors!  There's a corner of my deck that they seem to have turned into a condo and they hop around like popcorn in the afternoon sun.  They seem to be enthralled with the white flowered perennials that are now blooming.  Needless to say, I water in the morning and give them their space!

For me, no other season brings back childhood and adolescent memories alive like SUMMER, and nothing says SUMMER more than fields of Queen Anne's Lace.  I recall the hours spent roaming country fields and woods with girlfriends dreaming of the exciting things to come like driving cars and going out with boys, or fretting over whether our breasts would get bigger or if we'd be invited to the next "hip" party. simple and innocent were those days. . .

Those shadows of the past can tug at my heart with a longing for the innocence of youth and going back to a time when choosing just the right outfit for a big event was the most pressing issue in a day's time.  I recall the shadows of long, hot summer days in the country making flower necklaces and catching lightening bugs at twilight.

How lucky are we that we are able to recapture those shadows of the past that put a smile on our face and warm, fuzzy feelings on our heart?  I'm glad that I've been able to journal this month of August through photographs and share wonderful walks and memories with friends and loved ones.  It's a pleasure sharing this SUMMER journey with you, and I hope it inspires you to "Happy Creating"! with your camera and recalling the happy shadows of your past.

"Let Your Art Shine All Over The World"
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  1. I love the idea of photo journaling. I guess that's what I do...These are great shots.


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