Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Summer Less Journaling

I've been so busy this week that it seems I've had little time for journaling! Lots of  art and "Happy Creating!" have been involved - just not in my journal.

One of the major things I've been creating is a "new me".  I'm trying to become more active and have started a walking program.  There are lots of parks in this area and no shortage of paths.  Here are some of the photos I've taken.

Tracks in the Sand at Headlands Beach Park

A reflection of trees in a puddle left by rain at Mentor Headlands Beach Park

Looking into the sky from a bench at Girdled Road Park

Girdled Road Park Path in the Woods

In between, I've still been creating art.  I created this painting, "When Mannequins Collide", for Ovation Community's "Nude Challenge".  Go to Ovation Community and check out some of the awesome entries in this competition.

"When Mannequins Collide"

I'm currently finishing up 3 preliminary drawings for a commission  I'm working on and hopeful will have them completed today.  I'll post photos of those in weeks ahead. 

I hope you're enjoying SUMMER, and I hope you'll get an opportunity to create at least one SUMMER spread so you have a chance to win my *ARTtastic giveaway!  Three prizes are already listed and I have many more to post.  Don't miss out!  Go HERE to find out more about it and to post your entry. 

Until next time, enjoy our rapidly escaping SUMMER months and find some time for "Happy Creating!"


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! It's a pleasure sharing the creative world of art journaling with you. I love hearing from you, so comments and questions are always welcome.

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