Monday, August 23, 2010


It's funny how the universe works in quiet synchronicity.  As I was updating today's featured song, I noted that I had one song too many in the list.  I moved the next song in line to the bottom of the list and the next song to play was "Theme from Summer of '42".  Have you ever seen the movie?  If you haven't, I recommend taking the time to watch.  It's a great "coming of age" film.  I first saw it as a teenager and the theme has haunted me ever since.

When I arrived at the beach this morning, I was stunned.  All of a sudden, it was autumn.  I knew it was coming, I could feel it peak over the horizon last Friday.  Maybe it was the angle of the sun or maybe it was the slight difference in tone of the tree leaves, but I could feel autumn peaking at me then, and today, there it was staring right at me. . .

... in the waves crashing into the shore ..

...and the gulls playfully gliding on the northern breeze.

There was just no denying that warm, summer days are in the eleventh hour, and before long, the crisp, northern breezes will turn to cold, northern winds as autumn arrives in all her splendor and paves the way for another long winter.

As I sat on a bench enjoying  the moment, watching the dramatic clouds gently roll across the lake, and listening to the waves, I was suddenly reminded of those last melancholy scenes from "The Summer of '42" and the end of the summer season.  It's been difficult to shake the mood.

But tomorrow's another day, and one of the great things about living in Ohio is that you never know what the next day's weather will bring.  Actually, we have a saying here:  "You don't like the weather?  Stick around 5 minutes, it will change."  And so it did . . .

Happy Monday and "Happy Creating!"  Don't forget to post your SUMMER journal pages HERE.

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