Sunday, August 1, 2010

Outside The Book

Watercolor Paper

I've been so busy with journaling that I've been side tracked from painting LARGE.  I was browsing Connie's blog, Dirty Footprints Studio, and through a labyrinth of surfing I can't repeat, I came across Chris Zydel and her Creative Juice Arts website and was moved to paint LARGE. (You really must explore both of these sites and be truly uplifted and inspired!)

I went into my studio and rummaged through my paper stash and found 2 full sheets (22" x 30") of Strathmore Gemini watercolor paper that seemed perfect for my outdoor paint-a-thon. I love the deckle edges and the feel of the paper.  I gathered my supplies - large (for me) paintbrushes, left over paint that I had from a mural project, and a white plastic tablecloth tarp to protect the deck. I was ready to paint LARGE with a journal mindset!

A beautiful, sunny day, a silly me, and I'm ready to paint! I can't believe I'm posting such a horrible pic of myself! LOL

I'm going to paint a random shape - I can't believe orange is my first  choice of color!

Hmmmm.....look at this luscious red! I'll put some here....and maybe here....

Where there's red, there's least on THIS deck!.....Speaking of red & purple...

Look at how nicely my deck window box has filled in with red begonias and purple impatiens!
 Look at this yummy blue and green! It's fun to use this red pail of water to clean my brushes!

I would love to show you more stages, but guess what?  My camera battery died just after I took this picture and there was NO way I could stop painting.  I had no idea how I was going to develop this page until I looked at it from a different perspective.  Here's the result....

This painting, "Red Sky at Night",  represents the restless nights I've been having: bed at 11:30, bathroom 3:30, tossing/turning until 4:30 and then wide awake and on the computer.  It gives me additional time to look at some of the wonderful images by my creative friends here on the net and time to catch up on world news. And what emerged on my second sheet as I began to randomly apply paint?  Here it is:

A painting that represents the memory of wonderfully cooked meals by my mother, grandmother and aunts over the years, all prepared with love and a happy heart.  Most of them are gone now, and those who are left are too far away for me to drop by for an afternoon.  I have named this painting "God's Kitchen" because the love and laughter that I experienced in those kitchens and the wonderful meals that I enjoyed from all those women are a part of who I am and their spirits remain with me always.

I hope that your journaling experiences have given you the desire to journal "outside the book" and paint LARGE. I hope you can recapture the free spirit of the child within you and allow yourself the pleasure of playing with paint and expressing your essence in "Happy Creating!".  There's only one YOU - set yourself free and come out and play!


  1. wow that is so beautiful, and wonderful how you have showed it developing. I love the bright colours, you are a fab artist.. X

  2. These are both so colorful and fabulous! I love all the patterns of the first one, and the expressive qualities of the second! Thanks for the inspiration!


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